Stellar Presentations, Inc., is a small business with extensive experience in website design and development.

Our clients are varied and the audience we help them reach differs. Our clients range from business associations to local government to artists to consultants retail establishments and more. Most are small businesses and non-profit organizations.

We work with our clients in a collaborative environment, to understand the target audience and design appropriate layout and graphics for each. Our goal is to make each client's message clear, understandable and easy to find.

Stellar Presentations, Inc., brings more than good design to web and print projects .

We have over 20 years of experience in journalism, marketing, and feature writing. Our specialty is the presentation of complex technical information in a form that is understandable to the average person.

We have experience in design and editorial services for printed materials such as brochures, press releases, programs, reports, flyers, and posters.

Our work speaks for itself. See our client portfolio and contact us for your web and print needs. We'd love to talk with you.

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